About FaF - in English

The Association of Archaeologists (in Denmark)
FaF is the short form for Foreningen af Fagarkæologer  - in English: The association of archaeologists.  FaF was founded in 1997. 
It is a member-organization where anyone with minimum a BA degree in archaeology can become a member. The degrees can be in prehistoric -, medieval- , classical- and near eastern archaeology. We come from all branches and sectors of archaeology – persons in leading positions, researchers, curators, persons doing rescue excavations, heritage management and unemployed people – and some of our members have found jobs far away from the archaeological profession.  
FaF is the only organization that embraces all archaeologists in Denmark. 
We want to create a collegial atmosphere that promotes social and professional networks for archaeologists.  We want to give archaeologist a platform and a framework for discussions of academic and political significance for our profession. 
All in all, we want to be an asset to our profession and be actively involved in its development.

The association of archaeologists

Downloade a presentation
- from EAA 2013 conference:
FaF- A playground and a platform for archaeologists
Foreningen af Fagarkæologer | Københavns Universitet | SAXO-Instituttet | Karen Blixens Vej 4 - DK 2300 S | faf@archaeology.dk
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